Climate Changes Risks Jobs – Navtej Kohli

MORE than three million Australian jobs are under threat from efforts to tackle climate change ( CSIRO findings). Navtej Kohli Blog brings an broader insight:

CSIRO says that workers will find new “green-collar” jobs as net employment surges in the long-term.
The report’s findings show that despite the introduction of an emissions trading scheme in 2010, employment will grow by between 2.6 and 3.3 million jobs by 2025.
“Jobs continue to grow strongly,” the report found.
Employment is tipped to drop in some sectors after the introduction of the trading scheme, but is forecast to recover from 2017, and to increase in the long-term to higher levels than the present.
Net job growth was predicted in mining, energy, industry and farming.
New green-collar jobs will be created in renewable energy, constructing green buildings and appliances, and developing alternative transport.
The report urges governments and training providers to develop strategies for skilling green-collar workers.
Australian Greens leader Bob Brown said the report showed millions of green jobs could be created – and they would be good jobs too.
Workers would feel good about their new green jobs and about helping to save the planet.

The green jobs would be better for workers’ health, their incomes, and their “spirit”.
However, federal and state governments would have to develop strategies to help create green jobs.