Drill More Oil relief from US Government

Navtej Kohli want more relaxation should be given to all power sector company such they can able to supply power according to needs .Sometimes company have suffer because of Government policies which badly affect the company consumption and power supply . On the other hand government concerns are environment, health and public safety and other business and other commercial issue then came after that . But each and every government are under pressure to take hike in fuel prices and increasing oil demands. Yet there are many counties like India which are providing oil companies to many subsidies, but still the cost of Oil and petrol are out of control.
   Like that while US government polices for oil drilling is concerns there are many flaws which affect oil companies smooth run. While Republicans political attack over the high gasoline prices for near about one month makes House Democrats to prepare legislation to relax a decades-old ban on oil drilling along much of the nation’s coastline.
   While, its legislation was planned to be assembled on Wednesday and vote for this scheduled on Thursday, because this is the idea to make utility companies to generate more power from the renewable sources . There are also many plans for providing more assumption and other tax benefits for alternatives energy likes wind power and institute new conservation programs.
The measure, which would retain current restrictions on drilling off the Gulf Coast of Florida, would repeal some federal subsidies for oil companies and seek to improve the collection of royalty payments.
While Speaker  Nancy Pelosi  had told “Our energy legislation will bring down gas prices, protect taxpayers, invest in clean renewable energy and provide an American-owned energy policy that the Bush-McCain Republicans have failed to deliver for the past eight years,”
Senate develops a plan as a proposal, which likes be stark reversal for Ms. Pelosi, Demarcate of California,  who was opposed a vote on an expansion  of offshore drilling after being part of the coalition that has kept the coastal ban in place since the 1980s.
 But on the other hand Republicans takes advantages over that issue by accusing Democrats for opposing the domestic production which can lower gas prices and dependency upon foreign dependency for oil. Democrats claims its be golden opportunity for Republicans to consider again his negative mind and work for  prosperity and progress and also reducing the oil prices to relief for high prices and lack of supply .
While on the other hand Republicans says in reply that they had forced the Democratic for drilling but current proposal might be not be able to full fill the requirement.
Another Republican leader, who is Representative of Ohio and names is John A. Boehner had pointed out that  “They are trying to pull a hoax on the American people, something that looks like an energy plan but does nothing about more oil and gas and more American-made energy,” and also says that  “That’s because their caucus for 30 years has blocked every attempt to open up   more drilling for oil and gas in America.”
Because of Democratic federal government could lease drilling rights 50 to 100 miles off a state’s coastline as long as a state affirmatively “opts in” by passing a state law and waters beyond 100 miles would be open to federal leasing. On the other hand National marine monuments and sanctuaries had withdrawn from leasing program. There is also being offer from the Republicans which allow drilling as close as within 12 miles of the coastlines. Democrats also claiming that proposal are attracting board support lawmakers, appeasing conservatives and democrats also want more drilling and also long support for those who are protesting to protect the coastlines of states likes California. There are some many claiming comes from the party officials such that  Democrats  must be stayed in the party and support  more aggressive Republicans alternatives.
     During 1982 , Congress extending the annual ban on oil leasing off the Atlantic and Pacific coast because of  risk from oil spills and oil industry allies often sought to overturn it, but have regularly fallen short. But while the current situation is concern ban on the drilling is not beneficiary according to Democratic leader.
Representative of Illinois and also chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. Democrats Rahm Emanuel giving their view “ however, that the Republican approach is too reliant on new oil production” and  he also pointed “That leaves you addicted to oil,” “Our strategy is tap domestic production but fund the new technologies in the wind, solar and other areas, that will lead towards American’s energy independence.”
   That be true for that giving the oil company to drilling more area for oil is good for nation but government have to prepare for environments community strong oppose and NGO protest. Besides that many experts says that Government have to see more alternatives option for future .
   Navtej Kohli many times elaborates that government have to check oil production and consumption balance on regular basis. Each and every county facing the same problem. The proposal of giving the oil companies to drill more oil is be good and every party has to realize its needs.


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