Navtej Kohli on Living Well With Global Warming

Welcome to Navtej Kohli Blog. The onus of our today’s post is how to live well with looming global Warming threat. Navtej Kohli gives some tips:

As glaciers and polar ice are melting, problems like rising ocean levels, too hot/dry weather, huge forest fires, water restrictions, crop failure are becoming more apparent.

Almost all of us have encountered one or the other of these problems every so often. Global warming and climate change are reality now. We are living with it every moment of our life.

It is as huge problem. Now how do you expect to cure a problem, which has gone beyond your control?

It is foolish on you part if you’re expecting some miraculous scientific break-through so they ever-responsible ‘They’ will fix the Earth. Don’t dwell into delusions.

It’s a wake up call; get up before it’s too late.
Our planet is at stake, so are we!
It’s a serious matter, really really serious.

So, is our dream of a healthy planet fading?

Ummm…Maybe, maybe not.

Our planet is changing rapidly. We have great challenges ahead, as now it is too late to stop global warming. Earth has undergone an irreversible change and unfortunately for the worse.

But, there is something that can still be done. We can change the world, united or divided howsoever. Confused? Let me explain…
Remember Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” Theory
I think you do
Get Real guys! There is just one way to get out of this mess i.e. Alternative Energy

Yes, you heard it right! We desperately do need to switch to renewable energy sources.

It’s simple and it’s hard work. No way out of that.

Hate it or love it, there is no middle ground.

So better start learning now:

Engage with others to build positive relationship, where you live, work and play

Pay attention to other’s needs and that of the environment

Take responsibility for the situation you’re in

Care for others and the environment competently

Be assertive and use your humour and creativity

Use the ‘regular’ renewable alternate energy sources, and recycle too.

Nothing is under our control, true. But remember, efforts never know waste. At least try before you surrender the fort.

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