Career prospects in the energy sector soar – Navtej Kohli

Navtej Kohli is back once again with more enlightening stuff for Energy sector aspirants. The energy industry offers much potential for recent university graduates. The liberalization of the market in Germany and Europe has provided significant openings at all levels for technical and high level personnel. The reorganization of the industry is still ongoing and with the renewable energies sector booming, university graduates are in high demand.

In contrast with earlier times the energy companies are looking for much more than just qualified technicians. Engineers with business experience and salespersons with technical knowledge are the new types of employees sought by companies in the energy sector.

Major power suppliers realize that simply producing energy is not enough. In a new competitive climate, energy must also be sold. The consequence is a realignment of the company structure from strictly technical specialists to candidates with more academic training, particularly in the fields of business and marketing.
Also worth looking are the competitive niches of nuclear power and renewable energy. Both branches are booming as never before and offer immense job possibilities for university graduates. Since the Federal Government is granting incentives to companies willing to invest in renewables, the segments of wind, solar, and bio energy have soared. In this sector smaller and medium-sized companies are offering the most employment opportunities.


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