Navtej Kohli tells some Alternative Energy Facts

Navtej Kohli shares some facts about alternative energy, its viability, and how well it can substitute for depleting non-renewable sources of energy.

Below is what Navtej Kohli says:

The alternative energies that most money has been invested in so far are solar and wind energy. One of the reasons that these energy sources are so popular is because of the availability of the fuels and the amount of research already conducted into their viability and possible uses. Solar power is probably the most effective and available energy that homeowners can use to help do their bit for the renewable energy cause. Photovoltaic tiles are easily and quickly installed on the roof, in the garden, on the shed or just about anywhere that you have a little spare room; and they aren’t the eye sores that they once were. Solar panels can be used to heat water, your house or your pool or for providing your entire house with electricity. They are without doubt the easiest way for you to help protect the environment.
In Alternative Energies, solar and wind energy are perhaps the most viable and abundantly available source hitherto. Using these energies enable people to contribute their bit for the energy saving cause. Availability of photovoltaic tiles has further made solar energy an easy way to heat water, cook food and even providing electricity.
Nearly 80% of the fossil fuel reserves in the world are coal, but coal mining is decreasing day by day, and not because of a lack of resource but because of the cost of extraction. These fossil fuels only form naturally and they take millions and millions of years to reform; this means that when we’ve run out of fossil fuels we can’t just wait for more to appear. Now, is the time to find sustainable, ecologically friendly renewable energy sources.
Even if we were to find a sustainable amount of fossil fuels it still has diverse effects on the world we live in. The burning of fossil fuels has been proven to be directly responsible for the phenomenon of global warming, which scientists believe will eventually kill all vegetation on this planet. However, there are new technologies being developed that enable us to remove 99% of the side effects associated with burning fossil fuels and safely turning them into power. Regrettably though, this simply isn’t an option.
The fact remains, whether or not we safely produce energy using fossil fuels, it simply isn’t going to be an option for much longer. Future generations aren’t going to be offered the luxury of debating this issue, because without research now it is highly probably that the world will run out of fossil fuels long before we come up with a workable alternative.

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