Oil Company to Drill Two Wells in West Nile – by Navtej Kohli

Navtej Kohli, President Granox Explorations, read an interesting report on the internet about oil exploration efforts going on in West Nile region. Here is what the report says:

NEPTUNE Petroleum Uganda, the company exploring for oil in the West Nile region, will drill two test wells in the Rhino Camp basin by the end of the year.

The firm’s executive chairman, Peter Kingston, said this followed the successful completion of two-dimensional seismic surveys on February 12, 2008.

In a statement issued last week, Kingston blamed the delay in constructing the wells on “time consuming” procedures that need to be followed with the Government and the company’s partners abroad.

Neptune, which is a subsidiary of Tower Resources, an oil and gas exploration company based in London, has the sole license for “exploration area 5” which covers parts of Arua, Nebbi, Moyo and Yumbe districts. The area covers about 6,040 square kilometres.

Kingston said although the survey had confirmed structural features for oil, more processing would be done to precisely locate drilling locations with hydrocarbon indications.

He lamented that the seismic operations in Uganda, unlike in Namibia where the company was engaged in similar explorations, had been more complex given its onshore location.

Kingston applauded the local communities for valuing the social investments made by the company and pledged that they would be further developed during the drilling phase.

Neptune is promoting education, road safety and health initiatives in the area.

Recently, the firm spent over sh30m to renovate and furnish Arua’s public library.


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