What future holds for Bio-fuels Market?- Navtej Kohli

Read below Navtej Kohli’s review of how the rapidly increasing bio-fuels market can facilitate high-performance.

Bio-fuel market is growing rapidly. Having realized its hidden potential, many companies are now undertaking new bio-fuel ventures. Navtej Kohli brings an Insight of this potential source of energy.
Bio-fuels have been around for a long time, but only recently have they started attracting serious attention as a viable energy source.


The growing concern about climate change, the desire for green agendas, concerns about energy security and an emphasis on local agriculture are some of the well-known drivers for the development of bio-fuels. Governments, including those of the United States and European Union, have started setting aggressive policies and targets, prompting even the most skeptical of energy companies to develop their own bio-fuels agendas and strategies. Private investors such as Bill Gates and Vinod Khosla and numerous private equity firms and institutional funds are fueling the bio-fuels boom by making substantial capital investments in new bio-fuels ventures.
As a result, a global industry is emerging around the production, processing and distribution of bio-fuels. As momentum for bio-fuels grows, I believe that only those companies that can navigate the patchwork of different incentives and tune into the dynamics of the ever-changing market will be successful. Operating in the bio-fuels sector is placing a bet on the unknown. High performers will improve the odds by understanding the risks and focusing on how to access the rewards.


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