The evolution saga of Geothermal energy- by Navtej Kohli

After making a big fortune in oil explorations, Navtej Kohli is instinctively drifting towards other alternative sources of energy. On this Navtej Kohli blog, he shares some interesting facts about Geothermal energy.

The origin of geothermal energy can be traced back to 1000 years ago. Though, most of us view geothermal energy as a relatively new form of alternative energy. But in reality it is quite the contrary.

The term Geothermal is a blend of two Greek words, geo i.e. earth and therme i.e. heat, which together means “earth heat”. Geothermal energy is an early phenomenon exploited by some of the most primitive human civilizations.
Geothermal energy can be derived from the reserves of water located in the Earth’s layer of magma, a super hot substance that springs directly form the earth’s core. This super-hot magma smoldering at around 9000 degree F. heats these water reserves to 700 degrees F. generating a natural source of hot water. Then, these so called geothermal reservoirs can either be drilled or erupt naturally through fissures in the earth surface. Such natural formations are also known as geysers or hot springs.

The first traces of geothermal energy were discovered when Native Americans used geothermal water found in hot springs to cook and for use as medicine (around 10000 years back). Roman civilization too exploited geothermal energy to heat their houses and also to cure various ailments pertaining to skin and eyes. The geothermal waters found in geysers or hot springs were also used as natural bathing places by most of the ancient civilizations.

Even today France is using this form of alternative energy to heat their houses. Though, the actual power of geothermal energy is yet to be discovered, researchers believe that there is a lot this energy, stored in the earth’s crust can do. With this, they are constantly striving to discover new ways of utilizing this perpetual source of energy.


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