Indo-German collaboration for carrying out oil exploration studies in Ganga basin – Navtej Kohli

Navtej Kohli on Indo-German collaboration for undertaking studies on oil exploration in Ganga Basin.

India and Germany will mutually carry out geophysical studies of importance in the Ganga basin for oil exploration. This Indo-German alliance is funded by the DFG of Germany and the Department of Science and Technology, a project covering the North-South corridor in India.

The five-day long Indo-German workshop held recently this month touched some major research projects covering the North-South corridor and the East-West along the country.

The workshop also laid emphasis on electro-magnetic induction studies for complex geological problems. President of reliance Reliance Industries Ltd. Mr. I.L. Budhiraja said the induction method was gaining importance in recent years in the fields of oil, geothermal and mineral exploration. Every year the oil industry spends millions of dollars for offshore electro-magnetic surveys, absorbing the consultancy and data acquisition services by multinational companies.

The workshop witnessed presence of over 80 participants, ten from Germany and 70 from India, representing 26 different institutions.

The Germany agreed to direct young Indian researchers and said they would also like to send German students to India for several collaborative programmes.


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