Granox in the Quest for New Discoveries

Mr. N. Kohli has given emphasis on providing early learning programme for new recruits in the exploration & production area, after establishing oil & gas exploration company Granox Ltd, CEO. In the past couple of years his passport has been stamped throughout Eastern Europe, Russia, Canada, Azerbaijan, Egypt & Colombia in a quest for new potential reserves. For new recruits, he says may find themselves being posted anywhere in the world.

On oil and gas exploration trends, he says that Exploration is the cutting edge of the industry – The sector that finds new reserves to satisfy the growing world demand of energy, simultaneously he says that constant technological advances mean that now existing fields can now be exploited more fully and efficiently.

When asked about his background he said that my original background is in engineering and one of things I like most about this industry is how innovative it is, “he says. “we can really push technology to find new solutions and that makes it a very exciting business to be in.”


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