Road to Success

It’s not easy being an ambitious force in the world business scene, but then again, he never believed in taking the easy way out. He has always sought a life of adventure and smart risk-taking, whether in his personal life as he moved from his native India to the other side of the globe and his current home in Costa Rica, or in deciding to open two distinctly different kinds of businesses in completely different parts of the world.


Kohli is the founder and chief visionary behind the interactive software firm Grafix Softech, which has grown from a mere dream to a staff of more than 150 employees in the eight years since he opened its doors in Hyderabad, India, in 1999. But like any true maverick, Kohli felt he could also succeed in other arenas – and so he has also established an oil exploration firm called Granox, Ltd. in Liechtenstein.


“Why limit your options and interests in life?” asks Kohli, smiling as he takes a moment from his hectic schedule to explain his philosophy. “The world is a big place with lots of opportunities, so why not take a shot at anything you’re interested in?”


These are sage words of wisdom coming from a young and dynamic leader like him, and while people might have been skeptical of his youth when he entered the business world, no one’s doubting him now. It’s hard to argue with success, or to come away from any meeting with him without feeling a world of possibilities lies directly at your feet.

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